Our Story

Three Peaks Organics™ Blueberry Farm is our own little patch of Tasmanian paradise. As a family-owned farm, we have been growing amazing, mouth-watering, organic blueberries for well over a decade. Many energetic round-table discussions involving the whole family eventually brought us to settle on the name: Three Peaks Organics™. The name Three Peaks pays tribute to the three mountains we can see from our home, as well as to the three beautiful girls we are so proud to call our children (perhaps not so little anymore!). The logo was inspired by a drawing by our girls and brought to life by a wonderful designer.

We have specially selected varieties which produce some of the plumpest, most delicious blueberries you will ever taste. We sell fresh blueberries during the harvest season, along with frozen and freeze-dried blueberries all year round.

We are committed to growing our produce organically. Growing organically benefits not only our local environment and our planet, but also produces the most nutritious, toxin-free and delicious fruit through our healthy, mineral and microorganism-rich soil.

Other environmental initiatives we’ve undertaken include the installation of solar panels to supply power for our entire property, and ensuring pollination through our own onsite beehives.

Our purpose-built packing and storage shed has been designed to eventually be completely off-grid. It incorporates a dedicated water tank and will have its own solar panels and battery.

Since we started Three Peaks Organics™, we’ve continually explored options to add value. Our journey started with fresh, delicious blueberries and has led us to freeze-dried, coated freeze-dried, powdered and even small batches of home-made blueberry jam. We’re always looking at new ways of expanding our range of products, so stay tuned!