Tasmanian Certified Organic Blueberries

At Three Peaks Organics Farm we have been growing amazing organic blueberries for more than a decade at our little, family-owned patch of Tasmanian paradise.

It's all about the taste

At Three Peaks Organics we believe one thing passionately… it's all about the taste. We are truly privileged to be farming at such an idyllic location, growing the most mouth-watering blueberry varieties possible.

Vacuum Sealed Freshness

Freeze-dried Blueberries

Our Certified Organic frozen blueberries are taken one step further and freeze-dried into small packs that can travel with you anywhere.  Kids lunchboxes, hiking, camping, after-school snack, popped onto your favourite cereal or desert, added to cheese platters or just eaten straight from the packet.  Fully Certified Organic.

Simply Delicious and totally natural

Our freeze-drying system is a safe and gentle process which begins with freezing our freshly harvested blueberries. Nothing is added to the fruit as it is freeze-dried – not even preservatives or sugar – we are simply removing the natural water from the fruit.